Author: Michael Hutchins
Composer: Michael Hutchins, April Hutchins, Stuart Asprey 

We’re born onto this prison planet
Souls thrown to some disarray harshness
Our lives to nourish the hub of existence
Here to mix in the existential piss test 

You have just one purpose – now learn
Think not of escape – you will return
And that’s to suffer as to bodhi you flow
To plod again in your eventual reshow 

Make energy through love or hate,
Loe the beauty of a forest or lake
By mortal rules – obey or distain,
These creations but a fraction-of-the-value-of-your pain!!

Want to advance as a gray gardener being
Piloting a disk of form – seen ever fleeting
Fear this may not be an option – agreed
Cause those fuckers have a union decreed 

The stars so lovely, creation a wonder
Is all this so we’re to fall asunder?
War, gore, suffering, love a joy to elate…
Begs me to consider my soul’s retake 

The hub of the universe is a fat assed glutton
– a perverse, intense incarnate of boredom
People not to win –walking the straight line
All fail in this gruesome, heartless pantomime 

Lord….  you incredible twat!