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Pudnocker’s Ball IS HERE!

Classic rock and punk power chords, scorching guitar solos and smart sly lyrics with a little bit of metal sprinkled on top! Brain Size 61’s coming at you with unrelenting combustible musical energy.

It’s time to embrace the fun, the filth, and the fury with the release of their 6th studio album, Pudknocker’s Ball – streaming here on all your listening platforms of preference!


You can also check out the track list and lyrics here.

brain size 61 pudknockers ball

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Brain Size 61 2024


Over thirty years ago Brain Size 61 was hatched. Born from the minds of the Hutchins brothers, it’s a stew of punk, rock and metal.

A luscious blend of deranged musical energy. The rules have been simple from the get-go, it has to be loud, fast and fun. Stories, struggles and crushed dreams wrapped up and ready to rumble. Freaks from the fringes making their own music and kicking ass.

It’s always been a Pudknocker’s Ball so what better title for a new album? Turn it up and let the music do the talking!

Brain Size 61 is:

Craig Hutchins — Vocals
Mike Hutchins — Guitars
April Hutchins — Bass/Guitar/Programming
Stuart Asprey — Drums

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