C. Hutchins, M. Hutchins

Glittering, glowing, always knowing
She calls me from the corner of the room
Light of my life, up through the night
If you keep calling, hey I’ll be there soon 

I can’t get up I’m frozen there
All I do is sit and stare
It’s not a drug just a flickering light
My one-eyed lover and me in the night 

Seeker of knowledge, I slump at the alter
A bag of tortillas and a bowlful of salsa
Don’t call me tonight, I’m not by the phone
There’s something good on, I’m enthralled at home 

Like that old babe on Star Trek who craved all the salt
You suck my mighty brain power, volts from the vault 

Total enrichment, can you relate?
I see what I missed when I rerun the tape
I’ve met so many people through you my dear
You empty my mind and fill up my years