C. Hutchins, M. Hutchins

It’s got two walls, two windows, it’s got fir instead of pine
It’s got pictures on the dirty wall, I’d wash up but it’s mine
I’d like to paint or decorate but I can’t find the time
Sure hope I don’t have to relocate, this space is such a find 

In my room, my room, mine
Please come to leave soon, bye 

Don’t try to call me baby, cause it hasn’t got phone
Don’t try to stop off with a note, I’ll pretend that I’m not home
The rug is stained and dirty, don’t know how it got that way
I’d like to clean, ‘o rub-a-dub turn the TV on and play 

Smell the naugahide
Too bad plants all died
Dusty as a dream
Too bored to yawn or SCREAM