Words: C. Hutchins
Music: M. Hutchins, A. Hutchins 

One day, you’ll say how did it come to this?
That day will crush your plastic state of bliss
World keeps spinning that will always be
You little dreamer keep dreaming never see 

Ca va chier!
When you wake up at last
Ca va chier!
Get your head out of your ass
Ca va chier!
You can’t relive the past
Ca va chier!
Heads up do it fast 

One day, you’ll realize the folly of your ways
But then its too late, you used up your days
Pretend alls fine while doom is tracking you
Why not wise up and glance in the rear view 

One today, maybe today is your time to act
Make a difference, make a move, face the facts
Doing nothing is a long road to no where
Why not live with pride, enjoy getting there