C. Hutchins, M. Hutchins

You fella’s wanna see live naked women
I mean totally naked
If you ask them correct
They come home wrapped up and selected 

Don’t talk to the man who’s down in front
You ask them directly
Don’t tell them that I sent ya
But you spell my name correctly 

Do you see me? Do you buy my line?
Do I scare you? Way down inside… 

I may be eating ribs from a brown paper bag
But I got more than that
I see you folks is new in town
Let me show you where it’s at 

I’ll wash you car for five dollars
For six I’ll give it wax
For I am a stock car driver
And I’m most at home on the track 

I work on six old cylinders
While most folks work on eight
Just call me wonder under dog
And worship while you wait 

I’m a stock car driver….