Author: Craig Hutchins
Composer: Michael Hutchins, April Hutchins, Stuart Asprey

Bad men coming, what you gonna do?
Do you lay down and take it, or get up and get a clue? 

You’re a good girl, nobody cares
The world is ruled by Templar villain billionaires 

Scream like a bunny while they watch you die
Scream like a bunny while they eat you alive 

You’re a cog, you’re a stooge, you’re a willing pawn
One with the masses then forgotten and gone 

You rise up, speak your mind, demand to be heard
But in the end money talks and your message is slurred

Time immemorial your die is cast
Fight or flight in the end it won’t last

Live your moment but never lose sight
Brave little puppet no one weeps for your plight