Author: Craig Hutchins
Composer: Michael Hutchins, April Hutchins, Stuart Asprey 

Sittin’ out backyard barbeque party
Expecting nothing more or less and then there he was
Sitting right beside me after introductions
Telling me secrets of his universe just because 

He’s just sitting there spinning tales ‘bout alien prose
The most fascinating guy I ever met that no one knows 

Recounting sweet details of alternate reality
My mind is busy screaming “oh ya he’s having me on”
Interdimensional beings controlling us all
Don’t care if its true its so good, so long I’m gone 

Templars in charge, invest in only gold or silver
Magnetic travel underground in seconds from New York to LA
As he spoke clouds grew thick and then along came the rain
Time to part I shook his hand and “thanks” was all I could say