Author: Craig Hutchins
Composer: Michael Hutchins, April Hutchins, Stuart Asprey, Daniel Stecko 

The best laid plans of modern man
Helping out friends, you do what you can
But moving a piano you should not try
When you’re the only one who isn’t high 

Oh woah woah I can’t get behind it
No no no I didn’t lose my mind yet
One, two, three its clear to see
All that weight coming down on me 

Knock knock knock I know something sup
Look into your eyes says somebody’s fucked-up
All dressed in black though its hot as hell
Voice inside my head says this will not end well

So what’s the story is what I want to know
You tell me, “Movin’ pianos on acid is the way to go…
Not so much that it freaks you out…
Just enough to keep an edge is what I’m talkin’ bout!” 

Here we go, the gangs all here
Movin’ down stairs I’m asked to bring up the rear
Pardon me my momma didn’t raise no dope
I can see you all too stoned to trust with a rope