C. Hutchins, M. Hutchins

On the on ramp I was stuck, behind a truck
A White Freightliner pulling a Supervan 90
That’s a drag and just my luck
In the mirror I can see, everyone behind me pulling out and passing round
But me I’m in a clunker, I really ought to junk her
Before I drive her into the ground 

If I had a chance, I’d pull out and pass but the needle says I got no gas
With a V-8 I’d get a date, put the pedal to the metal, I’d be kickin’ ass
Even though I doubt her, I can’t live without her, she’s the one that really gets me round
Gonna save some money, spend it on my honey, shine her up and then we’ll hit the town 

Ohh, my car

I wave to the girls with the long blonde curls, at the stoplight I sit and wait
Is it my imagination or mental dehydration but I thought that I could hear them say 

Ohh, nice car