Author: Craig Hutchins
Composer: Michael Hutchins, April Hutchins, Stuart Asprey 

Never been hungry a day in your life
Whining and pining about your first world strife
I keep my mouth shut ‘cause I know what’s in store
My opinion is wrong and the right one is yours 

Give a fuck! Rich kids! Give a fuck! 

A world of horrors you’ll never see
Aiming and blaming the problem is me
Privileged in gender, in age and in race
Don’t care if its true I’d best know my place 

Out in the third world you wouldn’t survive
Desperate humanity who fight for their lives
Raise righteous concern but don’t answer their cries
Filling the world with fake news and lies 

Don’t care if you’re stupid or if you’re clean
As long as your money’s the color of green