Words: C. Hutchins
Music: M. Hutchins, A. Hutchins 

Got an alibi cause it ain’t my fault and I tell you why
Everybody wins in the world we’re in I don’t have to try
Why can’t you see you can’t blame me no way
Because my mom and dad said I’m the best every day 

Got an alibi and that’s the truth I hope that is clear
The fact I’ll duck I’m a stupid fuck till the end is near
And if I hurt myself I know it’s not my fault
I’ll just start finger pointing and see your ass in court 

Got an alibi can’t shake the fact that I’ll get mine
By that I mean its owed to me even if it takes some time
And I know if working hard just gets to be a drag
After lunch I just won’t come back and next jobs in the bag 

Got an alibi now that’s the way it works it’ll never change
Here I sit like a stupid shit as the world takes aim
And folks who really work will kick ass and pass me by
While I get busy posting pictures and getting high