Words: C. Hutchins

Music: M. Hutchins


We were visiting friends, there was a party on the lawn

The sodas were on ice, mom and dad were gone

Tables were turning, everybody having fun

We were dancing around or laying in the sun


We were minding our own business just trying to relax

We were subject to scathing visual attacks

Saw a face in the window, a finger pointing down

We waved to make friends but were greeted with a frown


Hey you! Mind your own business

Yeah you! We don’t need a witness

Hey you! We really don’t need

Will you! Just go away please waaaaaah…

Mr. Nosey Neighbor


The sun went down, the party got going

That’s when Mr. Wet Blanket started phoning

It wasn’t very late and we weren’t very loud

But he was peeking through the curtains taking pictures of the crowd


He said “Get offa my lawn, I got a dog named Kong,

Sic him on you and let the wife loose too!

I am cantankerous, a little bit dangerous

If you don’t cease, I’m gonna call the police!”

So uhh we said….


The sun stayed down, the party kept goin’!

Couldn’t stop us with the tantrums he was throwin’

There is one lesson that we learned for sure

If you got Mr. Nosey Neighbour, killer party is the cure!