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Brain Size 61 and Milagro Records proudly present “Step On My Face Waltz” — Watch! Like! Share! WALTZ!

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This is the first video from the new Brain Size 61 album “Influence” being released on October 27th!

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brain size 61 influence

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New Video: Got My Eye On You

Video: Step On My Face Waltz

brain size 61


Bring it. Classic punk power chords, scorching guitar solos and smart sly lyrics with a little bit of metal sprinkled on top. That’s Brain Size 61 coming at you with unrelenting combustible musical energy. It’s time to embrace the fun, the filth and the fury.

With their first two album releases on the Milagro Records label, this Canadian-based band gained notoriety in China, Europe and among certain members of the Las Vegas stripper community. “National Pinecone” launched them upon the world with a collection of daring, gutsy punk rock-n-roll tunes including “Ballad of the Burbs”, “Head Full of Spiders” and fan fave “Catharsis”. “Home Invasion” followed up with more smart songwriting, big guitar sounds and hard, loose, rhythms on songs including “Night Flight”, “Death Buzzer”, the funk punk “Monkey That Got Too Smart” and “Bad Craziness”.

The track “Down the Drain” was featured on 272 Records out of Los Angeles’ compilation album Punk Kills Vol. 2 and got airplay on California college radio.

With the 2017 release of “Influence” on Milagro Records, the band elevates their game. Impressively recorded, mixed and produced by April Hutchins at Muffin Studios, “Influence” goes straight for the throat harnessing the live band energy in a powerful album delivering a sonic adventure that outsizes anything that came before it. Strap yourself in and prepare to get hit between the ears. Size does matter and Brain Size 61 “Influence” brings it huger, harder and faster.

Brain Size 61 is:
Craig Hutchins – Vocals
Mike Hutchins – Guitars
April Hutchins – Guitars/Programming
JM Reid – Bass
Stuart Asprey – Drums